GrooveSell Review – #1 Vendor & Affiliate Marketplace

What Is GrooveSell?

GrooveSell is a part of GrooveFunnels Software Suite to sell digital products and services online. You can think of a GrooveSell like an online marketplace where product vendors and affiliate marketers meet and form the simple affiliate partnerships where both sides agree on the commission percentage from each sale that affiliate partner refers to the vendor’s product. This concept isn’t new and there already are companies doing the same thing for the last 20 years like perhaps the biggest and most popular ClickBank. But what GrooveSell offers is much cheaper fees than any other big company and it’s definitely easier to use.

It’s probably worth mentioning that GrooveSell is only for selling info or digital products such as one-time fee or online subscriptions such as courses, membership, software, manuals, tutorials, newsletters, etc., and not for physical products, for eCommerce business they have another great app called GrooveKart.

There is nothing more to add apart from that it’s much cheaper and ten times easier to use than other software in this category. And these two reasons alone are enough for GrooveSell to become the popular online marketplace for digital info products.

Now you can get GrooveSell for FREE as a part of a promotion, but sooner or later GrooveSell will migrate to a monthly based subscription for vendors to sell products.

Free GrooveSell access


GrooveSell Account Dashboard Overview

You can quickly switch between Vendor and Affiliate account depending on what you intend to do, promote other people’s products as an affiliate, or find the affiliates to promote your product. I would recommend doing both.

GrooveSell vendor

Create a new product funnel.

GrooveSell new product funnel


You can use various different features like creating promo portals and tools for affiliates, adding discount coupons and tracking links, etc.

GrooveSell features

View detailed reporting of all your transactions.

GrooveSell features review


Affiliate management portal to control the affiliate payouts, measure the performance, and view the payment history.

GrooveSell affiliates

Manage your customers.

GrooveSell customers

Manage your leads, cart abandons, and follow-ups.

GrooveSell leads

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