About GrooveTribe.org

We are here to support the online community of individuals who are seeking the change in life and break from nine to five daily job that doesn’t fulfill life. On this website, we will share the helpful information and tips on how to regain your freedom as a free spirit in the universe as we meant to be. It all starts from the story that we are telling ourselves about who we are, where we are and belong, and how the whole reality works. But the inner narrative isn’t most of the time helpful at all, many times undermining and sabotaging own efforts and dreams without even being aware of it.

Let’s become strong independent individuals that together form a Tribe confident, generous, and loving people. But before we get there, we must work on ourselves, and work on all parts and aspects of life like finance, relationships, health. We believe that you must be aware of and work on all of these, not just to learn how to make a lot of money and not paying any attention to the rest of your life.

Feel welcome and free to read articles on the GrooveTribe.org website.